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Looking for polka dot party inspiration?  Be sure to follow our boards on Pinterest!

Choose from parties by color, season, theme or crafts to get your DIY party ideas flowing on our Polka Dot Market Pinterest Boards.

I’ve been pinning a lot to our “Summer FUN!” board this week.  I’d love to know what you think!

I would love to follow you too – come join the Pinterest party and see how many “polka dot parties” we can find.  There’s a bunch!

Happy Pinning!  -Sally

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Monkey Around with a Little Monkey Theme Party - June 23, 2013 by Admin

Does your child love Curious George or play like a little monkey?  Or are you having a Little Monkey theme Baby Shower?  You can go wild with these monkey party ideas. Party ideas for monkey invitations, monkey decorations, monkey games, monkey inspired food and monkey favor ideas.

First..  plan on your party supplies… Monkey Theme plates, napkins, cups & plastic utensils.

Invitations need to get out…  Monkey Theme invitations.

You may want to purchase, borrow or rent the following items for your Monkey party:

  • Stuffed monkeys and stuffed bananas
  • A jungle gym
  • Monkey masks or monkey costumes
  • Fake plants, flowers, vines and bamboo   

Monkey Party Decoration Ideas … Many items can be found at the Dollar trees or any party store.

  • Create a whimsical jungle using homemade trees. Cut construction paper into leaf shapes. Then paint paper towel rolls brown and tape the paper leaves to the tube. Stack the trees as high as you’d like using tape to hold the tubes together.
  • Place bunches of bananas and oranges (real or plastic) on the party table.

  • Hang green streamers from the ceiling to look like vines. You can twist two together or let the streamers naturally hang. You can also hang “vine” streamers around the border of the party table and in door frames.
  • Arrange inflatable palm trees around the room along with stuffed monkeys.
  • Decorate your walls with jungle wall hangings, monkey wall stickers and large construction paper bananas.

Monkey Party Food Ideas

In addition to pizza, chicken fingers, hamburgers or hotdogs, you can add some Monkey themed food into the mix. Here are some suggestions.

  • Slice coconuts in half and use the shells as cups. Then prepare chocolate banana smoothies to serve to your guests. In a blender, combine 1 banana, 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup, 1 cup milk and 1 cup crushed ice. Blend until smooth and serve!

  • Arrange a colorful fruit and veggie tray for your guests to enjoy. Monkeys love oranges and bananas, so be sure to include orange and banana slices for your little monkeys!

For the cake, ask your local grocery store if they have a Monkey themed cake or decorate your own using a monkey cake pan

Monkey Party Favors
Send your little monkeys home with adorable monkey favors! Here are some suggestions that will drive them bananas!

  • Monkey shaped lollipops
  • Monkey stickers
  • Silly straws
  • Banana chips, fruit snacks and trail mix
  • Curious George favors like bubbles, stickers and masks
  • Small plush monkeys

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Baby Shower Theme Bumblebee - April 16, 2013 by Admin


Throwing a baby shower? Perhaps for the very first time? Throwing a baby shower can be stressful–they're a lot of work.  What I think is always the most stressful part of throwing a baby shower, however, is finding a theme! It's hard to know how to decorate and how to make it extra special for the new mom-to-be.  Well guess what? We just took the most stressful part of the shower and handled it for you! We've designed this adorable "bumblebee" themed baby shower that is perfect for whether your new mommy is expecting a baby girl or a baby boy.  The "bumblebee" baby shower theme includes everything you can possibly imagine–invitations, party favors, bottle labels, silverware pouches, banners–even the pattern for an easy baby quilt that you can make as an adorable shower gift! So no more stressing, because we have you taken care of! Simply click here and you can download all of this and much more and print it out in either pink or blue so that you can throw a shower that will really cause a "buzz".  Hope you enjoy!
Baby Shower Theme Bumblebee

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Halloween Party Theme “Eyeball” - November 1, 2012 by Admin

I see you and I know what you are doing!

This all-seeing party theme will  surely  keep your guests spooked.  

Your guests can enjoy colorful eyeball bottle labels,

party favors and an cake-pops made to look like eyeballs.

You can download the free ideas, print and party.

Halloween Party Theme "Eyeballs"

Visit our blog for "Eyeball" dinner ideas.

Included in this packet is a recipe for eyeball cake pops, instructions, pictures and printable centerpiece label…

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Sweet “Lemonade Stand” Theme Bridal Party - July 15, 2011 by Admin

There’s no doubt that summer is here, and the heat has settled in just in time to plan a summer time bridal shower. No worries! Our friends at Acme Party Box Company have a refreshing idea that may quench your thirst for a super cute and eco-chic party – how about a lemonade stand-themed bridal party!

Acme’s motto is . . . “Party. Rinse. Repeat.” Perfect! The seagrass tumblers and carafe set would make a wonderful addition to your outdoor tableware long after the party ends. And, don’t forget the 100% natural cotton reusable napkins and table runner that you can enjoy again and again in your very own kitchen. These fabrics are handmade in San Francisco by a group of talented seamstresses who earn a fair wage. Now that’s sweet!!

Photos courtesy of Acme Party Box Company

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Ice Cream Theme Day Wrap-Up - March 7, 2011 by Admin

We had our first “Party Theme Day” on our Facebook wall yesterday and this is the wrap-up for you.  I thought you would like to have all of the ideas, fan comments and links in one convenient place.  Now it is here for you as a reference, saved and ready to go!

Above is the new collection of Ice Cream Party plates, cups and napkins now available at Polka Dot Market.

We started the Facebook “Ice Cream Theme Day” with a yummy and easy ice cream cone hat tutorial by One Charming Party (fabulous photo property of One Charming Party):

For even more inspiration, we headed over to The TomKat Studio’s Etsy shop for two color-way versions of her ice cream party printables.  Choose from neapolitan pink & chocolate or summer brights:

We rounded out the tour over at One Pretty Thing with a BIG variety of ice cream theme recipes, costumes, crafts and more.  Here’s just a sample of one of the many unique ice cream themed ideas:

And because I really love you, we visited The White Library for a gorgeous Neapolitan Ice Cream 1st Birthday Party with amazing inspiration and photography:

I can’t forget the free printable coloring pages for the kids, so we visited Twisty Noodle to see all of their ice cream theme coloring pages (bookmark this site).

Lastly, we took a poll of your favorite ice cream toppings!  Here’s what you love:

  • Hot fudge
  • Crushed Oreos
  • Nuts
  • Brownie crumbles
  • Butterfinger
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Heath bar
  • Warm chocolate chip cookies
  • Coconut flakes
  • Chocolate chips
  • Toffee
  • Chopped almonds
  • Gummy bears
  • Fresh fruit
  • Reese’s cup
  • Whipped cream
  • Hot caramel
  • Marshmallow
  • YUMMY!  (This is a great list to get you started to make-your-own ice cream sundae bar)

This was way too much fun.  My idea is to host regular party theme days on Facebook and then compile them here for you so you can use our blog as a party reference go-to guide.  Stay tuned!

Be sure to catch us on Facebook for the next party “Theme Day”:

And be sure to send us your ice cream party photos to

Do you have ice cream party tips and ideas to share?  Post a comment below!

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Construction Building Theme Birthday Party - January 5, 2011 by Admin

Construction / Building Birthday Party!

As the kids entered through the garage, they all received a time card and punched into the time clock and get their cards stamped. Make a box to look like a timeclock with a slit at the bottom… have someone behind with a simple rubber stamp to stamp the timecard. Then they receive their Home Depot tool apron or belt, a wood kit with tools that you can get at ToysRUs, 2 paintbrushes, a set of work gloves and a plastic hard hat with their name on it. Add Safety glasses if they are sawing or pounding nails.

Guests place the Gifts they brought in a wheelbarrow in the garage. Also, set up a fog machine, at any Party City or Party store, to blow fog into a long safety cone to resemble a broken steam pipe.

After clocking in, the kids can go inside and decorated their hats with stickers and receive a construction tattoos. Then either in the garage or outside, they can construct their wood project.

Next the kids go outside to play and have their choice of construction activities.

1. Make a wrecking ball from an old deflated basketball and spray paint it black. Hang up on the swing set or tree with a yellow plastic chain. Have a bunch of cardboard boxes that the kids could stack up and then knock down with the wrecking ball.

2. Make a maze in the backyard with dirt fencing and construction fencing. Curve a path that zigzags a little. Inside the maze, have a slide as an obstacle to climb over and a play area with a construction site toy. Put safety cones throughout the maze. The kids love running through here and chasing each other.

3. Have 2 big appliance boxes that are set up on their sides, so the kids can crawl inside. The kids can painted the inside and outside of the boxes.

4. After the cake is served, the kids can play pin the safety cone on the construction site.

Get a construction theme truck cake that have construction trucks on top of chocolate dirt. Also fill a big toy dump truck with brownie pieces and mixed in chocolate rocks (like M&M’s but shaped like pebbles).

Serve the brownies with a plastic shovel.
Use a black table cloth with white masking tape hash marks that go down the middle to resemble a highway.

Each kid has a safety cone cup with juice. The cups are a big hit. Look at Party Stores. If you can’t find them… “thermos’ looking” bottles can be found at dollar stores too on the Water Bottle area.

When the guests leave, they have to get their time card and punch out. Pay them Wrapped candy bars with a money design & a “thank you” from for working and give them their favor bag with a Construction Theme Customized Candy Bar.

For a favor, each guest ge
ts a brown paper lunch bag filled with the following: small tape measure, small construction truck (matchbox size), small flashlight and a little notepad with a construction truck on the cover. Most of these items can be found at the Dollar store. They also get to take home their safety cone cup, tool apron, play tools, work gloves, wood project and hard hat.

Have a few cut-outs of construction trucks placed around the room. Also have a few road signs (from party store) and put outside on stakes and around the house. Use caution tape both inside and outside the house. Safety cones inside and outside. Put brown work construction paper (the kind used when doing construction in your house) on the floor with blue masking tape, making a path in the room where you have the cake.

Printed invitations on regular printer paper and then used craft scissors to make a jagged edge. Glue the printer paper onto yellow construction paper to create a border. OR order these personalized Construction Invitations with your Child’s name & party information already printed on them.

Here’s the wording:
Foreman ”birthday boy name” is turning 5, Which means there’s lots of work to be done, you see. The party’s at the Last Name Construction Site, Sunday, October 7th will be dynamite. Your shift begins at two and lasts until four, You’ll get messy, there’s lots of work in store! Cake and juice will be provided during your break. Each busy worker will be demolishing, building and painting, so wear your work clothes.

Please call and let us know how many little construction workers to expect from each family. All parents are requested to remain at the job site to monitor the progress of your workers.

Put clip art of construction trucks around the wording. Decorated the outside of the envelopes with construction truck stickers. Put yellow and black striped tape on the back of the envelope as a seal.
If serving other food …. “brown bag lunches” …. sandwiches, chips, an apple.
Bob the Builder or Handy Mandy can be incorporated into this theme!

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Magic Theme Parties - December 12, 2010 by Admin


Think tricks are for kids? While children love magic shows, more and more adults-only party planners are turning to prestidigitators to help create memorable and magical events. Here’s how to add a bit of fun and mystery to your next get together.

Let’s face it, parties can be predictable. That’s why so many event planners and party hosts hire off-beat entertainment. But finding the right entertainer for your particular event can be challenging. If you’re like most people you’ve never shopped for party entertainment. How do you find the right type of show, the best performers and not spend a fortune.

First, know your guests. It’s useful to list out your guests and create a profile for the party. Is it mostly women under 30 or men over 50? Are they professionals, retirees, conservative, wild or what? Before you think about hiring entertainers, think about the crowd. For a group of poker players attending a bachelor party a sleight of hand magician who does card tricks involving casino games would be a big hit. But that same act would probably fall short if it played to a group of women at an engagement party. Women tend to appreciate psychic themed magicians who combine mind reading tricks with Tarot cards and fun fortune telling themes. And a family audience would probably prefer a comedy-magician to a serious illusionist.

How to do you find a high-class Houdini in your neighborhood and a reasonable price? While Google is great for a lot of things, your best bet is a personal referral. If you belong to a country club or other community group, ask the general manager for some entertainers or talent agencies. Speak to the banquet manager at your local hotel or event hall. These folks do dozens of parties a month and are always building a list of top local entertainers.

Always shop around and let the entertainer know you are comparing offers right away. You’ll find you’ll get much better prices when people know they’re being shopped. Any magician you hire should have plenty of references and testimonials. Call them. Ask for relevant references; if you’re hiring a magician for your child’s 6th birthday, you won’t care how well the show went at a bachelor party.

To save money on party entertainment book early. This is especially true for Holiday parties. Try to book these months in advance to secure very attractive rates. Another tip is to try to the talent directly. Agents may add hundreds of dollars to a booking, so if you do use a booking service ask for a full disclosure as to how much the act is getting paid.

A great way to introduce magic into a party is to have the magician pretend to be a guest. Suddenly very magical things just start to happen. You can act as a secret confederate and prepare the magician with some amazing facts about your guests that he can reveal when he “reads minds.” The possibilities are endless.

Don’t be afraid to add a little hocus-pocus to your next party. You might be amazed at how much fun it can be.

Post by: Brian McGovern – a professional magician. Find out more about Brian’s shows at Magicians Long Island.

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Polka Dot Farm Theme and Barn Cake - October 12, 2010 by Admin

Check out these new “On the Farm” animal plates now available in our online store!
They match perfectly with our Spots Primary and Spots Red plates and napkins (also available in our new “Farm Party Theme” product section). You must know by now that I love to mix themes with polka dot patterns….
We will even have farm animals candle picks to match (and the animals are wearing tiny polka dot birthday hats)!
To get your creative juices flowing, check out this free how-to video from on “How-to Make a Barn Cake with Farm Animal Cupcakes“.

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?
Learn how to make this cake and MANY more theme cakes inside Betty’s Birthday Cake Video Vault. Thanks, Betty!
Send me photos of your cakes to! :)

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Primary Dots Candy Buffet { Wonder Pets Theme } - October 5, 2010 by Admin

Daphne over at Moo Moo’s & Tutus recently hosted a primary polka dots Wonder Pets party for her son’s second birthday.

…and she has shared all the photos with us!

Can you believe how cute her candy table buffet turned out?

I just want to know where she found the cute red schoolhouse for the top of her cupcake tower!

Daphne used rolls (and rolls) of primary polka dot ribbons for her candy buffet table. Just think – you can use all of the same bowls and vases and cupcake stands for every party in your house simply by changing out the ribbon colors to match each theme!

You simply must visit her blog to see all of her great Wonder Pets polka-dot-party ideas:

  • Fly Boat Rides (in their red wagon complete with “W” flag!)
  • Photo Booth inside the Wonder Pets inflatable pool
  • Yellow “Ming-Ming” Peeps
  • …and the birthday boy’s cupcake arrived atop its own mini Fly Boat!

Daphne has an Etsy shop, Moo Moo’s & Tutus, and sells the cutest polka dot party printables – including cupcake toppers and water bottle wrappers – check it out!

Thank you for sharing your son’s special day with us, Daphne!

See her entire Wonder Pets polka dot party here: Moo Moo’s & Tutus blog.

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