Kara’s Party Ideas iPhone & iPad APP is here! - May 5, 2012 by Admin

I’ve been dying to share the news…and am finally able to! I’m so excited to announce that Kara’s Party Ideas now has a fabulous iPhone, iPad & iPod App!!

Kara’s Party Ideas- THE App for ALL things party!

It’s been in the works for a while, and has just been released!

Now you can access and easily search through thousands of party ideas right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch {Android app coming soon}! It’s a party planner’s dream, let me tell you!

But, that’s only the beginning…do you like the sound of Bonus Features? This App is so much more than a place to find fabulous party ideas.

For one, you can “heart” your favorite parties allowing you to bookmark the ideas and images so you can easily find them later! Sweet, right?

And yes, there’s still a lot more….

Some of the awesome features that the Kara’s Party Ideas App offers:

-See the latest & greatest party ideas with a simple touch

-Search through specific party idea categories

-SHOP Kara’s Party Ideas like a breeze

-Interact with your Facebook & Twitter accounts without even having to leave the App

-Watch the Kara’s Party Ideas SHOW instantly {episodes will begin airing soon}

-Heart and bookmark your favorite parties and ideas

-Leave a comment or question on a specific party or idea, creating a forum where everyone can interact and help each other

-Email any party or idea to yourself or a friend

-Access Kara’s Party Ideas dot com in seconds

-Share any party or idea on Facebook & Twitter

-Access Kara’s Party Ideas, the BOOK

And more….


For iPhone / iPad users- find the app here!
Android users- coming soon!

Or search ‘Kara’s Party Ideas’ in iTunes or your App store.

Inside a party:

Touch the fun connect-the-dot icon at the bottom of the screen to pull up the email, facebook, and twitter options.

Touch the talking bubble to leave a comment.
Touch the heart button to add the party/idea to your favorites.

I’m so excited to make your Kara’s Party Ideas experience all the more wonderful!!

I hope you love this App as much as I do!

It’s just the beginning….so stay tuned!

Kara’s Party Ideas

Apple’s iPad Event, Graduation & Textbooks for the Digital Classroom - February 24, 2011 by Admin

We’re excited, are you excited? Apple has confirmed the March 2nd iPad event where it’s very likely they’ll be unveiling a new iPad. It’s interesting to think back just two years ago how tablet PCs were not widely adopted, but now you can play just about any Angry Birds game… urr, we mean read books, access textbooks, and learn on a tablet.  This isn’t where the utility of iPads end for students though, think of the vast possibilities with Rush, Recruitment events, running more interactive meetings, keeping members more informed of events, and the other possibilities!

If you’re interested in reading about how tablet pcs are influencing the classroom, here’s a recent article from Reuters about text books and the digital classroom.  Maybe for the Class of 2020 graduates, there won’t be any textbooks, just digital textbooks?

And on a side note, we’re still running our 10% off sale on graduation stoles.  Don’t delay, order soon and avoid rush fees and as well!

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