Party Theme Boards on Pinterest - June 10, 2014 by Admin

Looking for polka dot party inspiration?  Be sure to follow our boards on Pinterest!

Choose from parties by color, season, theme or crafts to get your DIY party ideas flowing on our Polka Dot Market Pinterest Boards.

I’ve been pinning a lot to our “Summer FUN!” board this week.  I’d love to know what you think!

I would love to follow you too – come join the Pinterest party and see how many “polka dot parties” we can find.  There’s a bunch!

Happy Pinning!  -Sally

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Five Fave Boards to Follow on Pinterest! - February 4, 2014 by Admin

Kara Allen | Kara's Party Ideas on Pinterest!

I’m here today to share some of my favorite boards from Pinterest! All of these boards are packed with inspiration and are a definite “MUST FOLLOW” in my book!

Kara’s Party Ideas

Wedding Inspiration Boards - December 21, 2010 by Admin

wedding passions

Inspiration boards are fun but my experience with some of the websites offering them, isn’t the greatest – so far. I wanted to make it easy on myself and skip Photo shop but wasn’t lucky with Style Me Pretty and it took me a while to it right at Polyvore. Next time it will be Photo Shop again.
But to dwell in warm summer and fall wedding colors was a joy in this gray and cold weather in LA.

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