How about a really easy and fun Easter craft for the kids?  Perfect for rainy days, playdates, classroom parties or to give to your neighbors – try making these cute Easter “cup baskets”!

You’ll need just a few supplies:

And just a few steps to create an adorable mini Easter cup basket:

  1. Punch two holes in the paper cup, across from each other (this is for your handle).
  2. Thread your pipe cleaner handle through the holes.
  3. Twirl the ends of your pipe cleaner around a pencil so the ends will not slide back through the holes (and it looks cute).
  4. Fill your cup with Easter grass or paper shred.
  5. Top with gumballs or your favorite wrapped Easter candy.
  6. Give to a friend! 

You’re all done!  Easy and fun, right?  I think we used to make these in preschool when I was little.  Hope your kids enjoy this Easter craft!

Hosting an Easter party?  This is a great party craft that can double as their party favor.  I love that!

Happy Easter!  -Sally

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