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Free printable wedding checklists and guides from Adorned Events. If you are planning your own wedding, these would be great to keep in a binder so all your information is in one place & easily accessible.

Contact Checklist

  Vendor Contact Checklist

Florist Guide

Wedding Florist Guide

Band Checklist

Band/DJ Checklist



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Planning a Wedding - May 10, 2013 by Admin

Are you one of the lucky ones who has at least 12 months to plan your wedding? If so, check out this handy dandy infographic that gives tips and tricks to keep you on track. Even if it provides some peace of mind that you haven’t forgotten anything important. Stay on track, stay organized and get married!!

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FREE Download! Party Planning Timeline + Mini Cake Pennant Flags! - February 27, 2013 by Admin

You want to plan the perfect party with as little stress as possible, right? In my segment on Studio 5 today I took viewers behind the scenes and shared my party planning timeline! And now, I’m sharing it with you! These key tips can be used for prepping any party!

Download the above party planning timeline pdf  HERE.

One to two months before

  • Set the date, time and place of the party
  • Decide on a party theme or color scheme
  • Determine your budget and estimate the cost of your party
  • Start to brainstorm ideas
  • Start to purchase non-tangible supplies
  • Contact and hire outside party vendors if applicable (face painter, bounce house rental, princess, etc.)

One month before

  • Chose an invitation
  • Start on party decor (things that require assembly before hand, etc.)
  • Continue to purchase non-tangible party supplies needed
  • Order cake/desserts if applicable

Three weeks before

  • Mail or deliver invitations
  • Make sure you have all non-tangible items that you need for the party
  • Start on party favors
  • Continue to work on party decor, etc.

Two weeks before

  • Create a master grocery shopping list for all tangible items needed for the party
  • Prepare any food items/treats that can be frozen
  • Make sure you have enough seating/tables, etc.

One week before

  • Set up a“mock party”or sketch out your party set up so you can get a visual
  • Follow up with guests who have not sent an RSVP
  • Create a music playlist on iPod, etc.
  • Write names of guest on party favors

Two days before

  • Purchase groceries and tangible items on your list
  • Wash cake stands, glassware & serving pieces, etc.
  • Start putting up party decor

Day before

  • Iron table cloths or linens needed
  • Start setting up actual party
  • Set out cake stands, food trays, etc. in proper places

Morning of

  • Chill drinks
  • Finish setting everything up
  • Prepare your guest bathroom
  • Set out garbages, etc.

Two hours before

  • Finish all food preparation

One hour before

  • Put out all food/dessert
  • Turn on iPod playlist
  • Sit down and relax/rejuvenate before guests arrive!

And, as promised, download the free HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINI PENNANT BANNER  HERE! Want your banner to say something besides ‘Happy Birthday’? Mini alphabet pennants also available HERE!

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Your Post-Graduation Trip & Planning Ahead - May 5, 2011 by Admin

In today’s post, we review a recent post from gigaom about how to plan a vacation. While the topic itself may be easy for many, it becomes more difficult for those of us who work in web based environments.

First, in the past years, the proliferation of the smartPhone has led to an increased expectation of people to always be connected. Clients may expect you to answer emails sooner, or your boss may start wondering if you’re working if you haven’t replied in a few hours. The issue presented is even bigger than this when it comes to work. It’s easy to procrastinate a personal email without a deadline, but obviously when work calls… it’ll be harder to take that 3 week hike in the Mountains, than otherwise.

In addition, the author brings up a good point about the “remote guilt” – a guilt felt by people who work remotely to not feel paranoid about being perceived lazy and in turn they end up working more hours to compensate. If you’re use to working remotely, this may quickly and easily transfer into your vacation traveling.

And finally, it comes down to planning early. Planning early will be the best bet. If you have a job lined up for after graduation, make sure they know you’ll be traveling before your start date. This way you don’t miss any important emails or come off as lazy or unresponsive before you even start! Planning ahead will not only help you save money, but help you have a much more enjoyable vacation in the long run!

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Bachelor Party Planning - November 28, 2010 by Admin

When it comes to getting married, it is not always, but usually the bride who does all of the work in preparation for the wedding.

The chores for the bride and groom are numerous and seem to be endless. Through all of this work, the groom wants his wife-to-be to enjoy her wedding and be happy with all the choices. He may not particularly care for the chores of planning a wedding though.

There is one thing, however, that the groom has to look forward to and that’s his bachelor party. In this regard, bachelor party planning will make the bachelor party go much smoother than simply playing it through ear. It will also ensure that the party is everything the groom could ever want.

Bachelor party planning is one of few duties that a best man is expected to perform. However, if the best man is unable to perform those duties then the groomsmen can process in to assist or take over the process. Regardless of who is throwing the party, it is important to keep the grooms desires in mind. The easiest way to know what the groom wants for his party is to ask him.

It is easy to be creative with bachelor party planning because there is a great number of stereotypes associated with this mode of party. For example, plan the party to take place at a ball park when his favorite team is playing. Playing war on a paint ball court is also another exciting event and helps to release the wedding jitters.

Knowing whom to invite is another integral segment of planning a bachelor party. The groomsmen, male family members, as well as so on should also be on the guest list. Also, even if they cannot attend, ensure that out of town friends are invited as well. There are lots of sources that might be used to make the guest list from the bride and groom to family members and old college roommates. Just make sure no one is left out.

There are two more things to think about when it comes to bachelor party planning. First, who is paying for the outing and second, if there is going to be traveling. Knowing how is everyone getting from point A to point B is segment of good planning. Most people invited to a bachelor’s party do not expect to pay their own way for drinks and such held in a venue; but if everyone goes out they will pick up their own tab. If a cab, limo or party bus is used, then it is appropriate for the best man to ask for everyone to chip in. For a house party, the best man and groomsmen usually pick up the tab. The groom should never pay for his own party.

Do you plan to make a celebration really special? Then you might understand that all this starts with printable invitations. If you have cool invitations everybody will be intrigued with visiting your party. And here party invitations site can be helpful to you – get the most touching invitations. Also there one can find nice printable birthday party invitations.

And remember that our world is the world of modern Internet technologies. It wouldn’t be smart not to make use of the online network to look for anything at the best prices available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums – all this will assist you to solve many issues.

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Party Planning Checklist - November 27, 2010 by Admin

When you plan a party, you are going to face a bunch of work and there is always the potential to miss something if you are not attentive enough. The best way to avoid this problem is to make a detailed party planning checklist. The purpose of such a checklist is to monitor the process of party planning. It helps to check what is to be done, when it needs to be completed and when it is completed. This will definitely help you to better manage your party planning.

The top issue on checklist will likely be budget. This is the most important factor because your budget will determine almost every aspect of the party you are planning to throw.

Once you have hammered out a budget, it is time to think about the party guests. Writing a guest list, composing and sending invitations, keeping track of RSVP responses are all things that you are to take care of. It is appropriate timing when it comes to invitations that you distribute them no later than three weeks before a party and give the invitees two weeks to respond. You can also call those people that have not responded to the RSVP to get a more precise count of those who are planning to attend.

Other aspects of a party planning checklist are the location, as well as related issues. Firstly, you must determine if the party will be held at home or at a remote location. Logistics such as tables, chairs, food, as well as other things must be considered. This will normally entail calling around and finding the best price for the rental of these items if needed. If you are having the party at a remote location, you will also want to confirm the venue a few weeks before the party and again about a week prior to the event. Menu planning is also of vital importance. Buying the food, hiring a caterer, renting the dinnerware, as well as planning the menu are just a few things that you should not forget to add to your list.

As you would expect, there is a host of other issues that you will need your consideration. Will there be party favors and what will they be, for example. If you determine to do party favors, this must be added to your party planning checklist. Music is an important segment of party and is another thing you must consider. You will either need a list of CDs or you can add hiring a DJ to your checklist. These are just a sampling of what will make up a typical checklist; but these examples can help you when you must make a checklist of your own.

Do you wish to make a wedding really special? Then you should understand that everything starts with blank wedding invitations. If you have pretty invitations everybody will be intrigued with visiting your party. It is even possible to go further – make your own invitations! And here web network can be useful to you – find there the most touching invitations and how to make them. Also there one can find nice baby shower favors for future.

And remember that our world is the world of modern Internet technologies. It would be intelligent to make use of the web network to find anything on the best terms available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums – all this will assist you to make a decision on many issues.

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Getting Organized for the Holidays week 4 “Party Planning” - November 9, 2010 by Admin

Part 4 of our Organizing for the Holidays …
Holiday Party Planning

Are you planning a Holiday Party this year? Well this week you will NEED that notebook!

* determine the type of party (formal, casual, cocktail, etc.)
* decide if you want drinks, finger foods, buffet, full meal, or other
* decide how many guests you would like to invite
* set a date, time, and place for your party
* determine a date by when guests must RSVP
* make a shopping list — including small items like napkins and candles
* make lists of tasks that can be done in advance and those for party day.

* decorations, including flowers, plants, custom holiday candles and favors
* food and beverages
* other services (caterer, etc.)
* invitations and postage
* entertainment (music, DJ, etc.)
* tables, chairs, and other equipment rentals
* other miscellaneous expenses

This week start calling around for prices & pick up any non perishable items that are on sale…. keep all of this in your notebook because a few weeks before the party:

* put together your guest list and gather addresses and phone numbers
* get invitations
* purchase decorations, paper goods, and other supplies
* contract for any services (caterer, entertainment, etc.)
* plan your menu and purchase non-perishable foods and drinks
* contact any friends or family you want to help with the party
* address and mail your invitations
* pick out the music
* contract for any equipment rental (chairs, tables, etc.)

THEN a week BEFORE your Party: Everything should be purchased including perishables, house decorated, Holiday outfit picked out & cleaned and any last minute purchases. Also check with any contracted services that you have hired.

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Getting Organized for the Holidays week 5 “Holiday Dinner Planning” - October 29, 2010 by Admin
Week 5 of Organizing for the Holidays by

About 1 week before Thanksgiving… Turkeys & all the fixings go on heavy duty sales. Then Ham, Baking ingredients & other holiday food items start in the weeks after.

So… In your notebook… Write down your menu & ingredients you will need to purchase.
*** also write down any baked good & ingredients you will need for “baking week”.
See some holiday recipes & tips here

This week…. get your New Christmas Stockings ordered for your decorations.

Then Starting the week before Thanksgiving, watch the sales & start buying the non perishable & frozen items.

Keep an eye out at the Dollar store (if you have one) & start picking up napkins, holiday ware and decorations. These items sell fast at the Dollar stores & are not replenished.

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Planning a Wedding in September? There is still time to add a touch of Green! Inspired by Liesl Menning and Kevin Haynie’s Sustainable Wedding! - July 23, 2010 by Admin

Beautiful, simply, summer and why not green? A wedding in summer is a wonderful chance to make your wedding eco friendly. Get Inspired by Liesl Menning eco friendly marriage to Kevin Haynie.

green wedding food, eco inspiredweddinglieselandkevin 2msweddings 240x300

From Perfect Bound

I wanted to share Liesl Menning, Martha Stewart’s personal assistant, and Kevin Haynie, famous country musician, environmentally conscious wedding. With the help of Wedding Planner Darcy Miller and a wedding bouquet made by Martha herself, their ideas can be an inspiration for any summer wedding!

Go to 2:23 for clips of Liesl Menning’s Wedding.

One of my favorite ideas was to combine the place setting with a gift by making the place settings a CD of songs written by Kevin. Now only if we could find a musician to marry!

green wedding food, mwd104392 win09 09 cd l

Kevin wrote love songs for the CD.

Read More on TheMarthBlog

Check out some of their Vendors:

View more Pictures from their Photographer Josh Reeder

View the menu from their caterer Jeremy Barlow, Chef and Owner of Tayst Restaurant “first and only green certified restaurant in Nashville”

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One of Our Favorite Things: Martha Stewart Weddings Eco-Friendly Planning Guide - October 4, 2009 by Admin

Our friends at Martha Stewart Weddings have developed a helpful guide to planning an eco-friendly wedding. The guide is based on simplicity, recycling and re-using whenever possible. Certainly falls into my category of favorite things!

Photo Source:

Here are some of my favorite ideas from the guide:

  • Select a wedding dress that is made from organic cotton or vintage materials. Or, consider wearing a pre-owned dress (save money and conserve resources). Plus, select more practical bridesmaids’ dresses that can be re-worn.
  • Consider wearing a vintage ring, heirloom or antique ring.
  • Ask your florist if they work with organic or sustainable-growth farmers.
  • Avoid disposable or one-use items.
  • Choose environmentally-friendly paper for the invitations. For example, 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) with soy ink.
  • Eliminate extra packaging for gifts, and use sustainable materials.
  • Overall, choose/support wedding vendors who are doing good.

View the entire green wedding guide here. Enjoy!

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