Last Minute Inexpensive Father’s Day Ideas - June 14, 2014 by Admin

Tomorrow is Father's Day! For all you last minute gift-getters/makers (like me), here are some simple, last minute, inexpensive ideas for that special Dad.

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Online Treasure Hunt Ideas “Liam The Leprechaun” - March 4, 2014 by Admin

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Online Treasure Hunt Ideas

"Liam The Leprechaun"

treasure hunt ideas, saint patricks day ideas

Wake up sleepyhead

You've been sleeping all day!

I came over to trick you and tease you today!

I knocked on the door but 

You just slept right through it

Now I dare you to catch me 

But I bet you can't do it!

St. Patty's day ideas, St. Patty's Day downloads, leprechaun hunt, leprechaun ideas, St. Patty's Day treasure hunt

Make this St. Patt'ys Day the most magical St. Patty's day ever with this super fun, super clever "Leprechaun Hunt"! The morning starts when each child finds the above note from Liam the Leprechaun on their pillow–they then follow ten clues chasing Liam all over the house and trying to catch him! This was inspired by my granddaughter who leaves Leprechaun traps every St. Patty's Day to try to catch a leprechaun.  Why should she have all the fun–every kid should get to try to catch a leprechaun (and be teased by said leprechaun all along the way!).  To download this amazing "leprechaun hunt", all you have to do is CLICK HERE 


St. Patty's day ideas, St. Patty's Day downloads, leprechaun hunt, leprechaun ideas, St. Patty's Day treasure hunt


Online Treasure Hunt Ideas "Liam The Leprechaun"

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Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Students - February 5, 2014 by Admin


It’s that time of year again. Red heart decorations are going up around campus and the “L�? word is in the air. Valentines Day is just 10 days away.

The day of love can be a stressful time, especially if you are in a new relationship or on a budget. But like the old saying goes, you can’t buy love, so try some of these cheap and fun date ideas to impress your V-Day sweetie.

Get Outside
Whether you live in the mountains or by the ocean, getting out into nature can be extremely romantic, especially if you prepare in advance. If you have a day trip planned, pick a hike with a view and bring along a blanket, some bubbly and strawberries to enjoy at the summit. For the truly adventurous try a nighttime snowshoe. Bring along a thermos and headlamps to turnoff once you reach your destination so you can enjoy the stars. Cuddling to stay warm: optional.

Stay In
While many people decide to celebrate Valentines Day with an expensive dinner out, it can be more meaningful (and more fun) to cook with your loved one. Pick a recipe together and do everything from going to the store for ingredients to cooking together in the kitchen. After dinner, snuggle up under a blanket and watch a movie.

Find an Event on Campus
From free concerts, to dances, to museum exhibits, colleges across the country offer students fun and affordable date options on Valentines Day. Check your school’s event calendar to see what’s happening right on campus.

Smell the Roses
Rather than spend a fortune on an overpriced bunch of roses, why not take your Valentine to a local rose garden or botanical garden to check out a wider variety of flora and fauna. Bring some chocolates and one of your favorite love poems to recite. Just be prepared to earn some extra credit.

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The Super Senior (Musings About Fun, Graduation & The Real World)The Super Senior (Musings About Fun, Graduation & The Real World)

Party Ideas: pink Poodle - August 21, 2013 by Admin


Party Ideas


With so many daughters and granddaughters pink is a very popular color in our house!  I designed this fun little pink poodle party for my little granddaughter who just turned three and she absolutely loved it!  I made poodle skirts for each of my granddaughters (I chose to do them in a Chevron pattern which turned out really cute–I was worried that the Chevron might look funny since the zigzags would bend funny when sewn into a skirt, but they turned out to be adorable!) and the girls had a ball just spinning round and round in their skirts and seeing how big they could get their skirt to flare out! I found strands of pearls at Walmart in the fabric section that were sewn together (so I wouldn't have to worry about beads flying everying if the pearl strands broke) and they were perfect to give the poodles on the poodle skirts little pearl collars and to make the handles of the goody bags as well.  I set up a dainty little tea party with kid friendly treats (cute plates with a popcorn cup, a fruit snack cup, etc…) and they were a big hit!  The kids ate and boogied out to some fun music we had playing in the background and everyone had a good time.  If you want to throw a Pink Poodle party, then I have everything already done for you! You can download bottle labels, candy bar wrappers, cookie pockets, gift bags, purses, candy cups, a party banner, good bags, cupcake liners, cupcake tags, candy pouches, silverware holders, poodle skirt patterns and MORE just by visitng my website!  All of these downloads are free (except for the poodle skirt pattern), so all you have to do is print it off, cut it out, put it together, and your Pink Poodle party is ready to go!  


To download these incredible party ideas, CLICK HERE!


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Party Ideas “Pink Flamingo” - July 21, 2013 by Admin



Pink Flamingo party ideas are a charming and different way to throw an adorable, trendy party.  There's something about flamingos that's just so classy and so fun–your flamingo party is sure to be a hit among all of your party guests! With all of the babies that will be born soon, you could use this theme to thrown an adorable baby shower for a little girl–help prepare mama bird for her special little stork drop! Or, you could use these cute pink flamingo party ideas to throw a bridal shower (or even a bachelorette party!) for any classy lady that you know–make the night extra special by filling the pink flamingo goody bags with the appropriate kind of "goodies."  These parties ideas would be perfect to spruce up just a special get together with a group of girlfriends, or, you could use these pink flamingo party ideas to throw a killer birthday party!  These party ideas come with absolutely everything that you could possibly need to have a delightful party: cupcake holders, candy bar pockets, good bags, candy cups, an absolutely adorable banner to deck out the entire room, a money pocket (always the perfect gift!), cake pop tags, bottle labels, gift tags, cookie pockets, napkin rings and more! What more could you possibly want? To throw an adorable pink flamingo themed party, all you have to do is click HERE and you'll be able to download all of these fun ideas and MORE for free?  You can't beat that!  So go all out this year and throw the party that you've always dreamed of…we've done all the work for you already!  All that you need to do now is download, print and party!  We hope that you enjoy and come back to us with all your party needs!


For more fun party themese party ideas, and patterns,


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Spiderman Party Ideas - July 5, 2013 by Admin


Spiderman party ideas are great because they are super trendy and yet they never go out of style! People have love Spiderman ever since I was a little girl, which is why movie producers have chosen to make and remake the movie over and over again.  It's just such a classic favorite that it's alwasy sure to be a success!  Nobody love Spiderman more than little boys, however, and these Spiderman party ideas are aimed towards any boy who has ever dressed up in a blue spandex uniform for Halloween and wished night after night that he would get bitten by a spider and wake up with the fantastic abilities to shoot spider webs out of the palms of his hands or climb straight up building with his fingertips! All of my sons absolutely loved Spiderman–I only wish that I would have been creative enough back when they were younger to wow them with the completely decked out Spiderman party ideas that I have included for FREE on my website this week!  These Spiderman party ideas include everything that you could possibly want for a birthday party: party favors, cookie holders, cupcake holders, candy boxes, gift tags, candy bar tags, party blower tags, even napkin holders! Truly we have already spun the entire WEB of things that you could dream up for your fantasy birthday party–now all that you have to do is download, print, and party! To access these files and print them off on your home computer for FREE, just click HERE.  From there, all you have to do is cut and paste and your party is ready to go!  



For more fantastic party ideas and fun patterns


We hope that you enjoy these Spiderman party ideas and that you come back to visit us often! 


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Party Ideas JUST for Boys + 30% off at….Spaceships & Laser Beams! - July 3, 2013 by Admin

I often have moms tell me how hard it is for them to find great birthday party ideas for boys. It can definitely be a challenge to pick a theme for a little guy. That’s why I’m excited to feature Spaceships and Laser Beams today!

At Spaceships and Laser Beams, they are dedicated entirely to birthday party ideas for boys!

So awesome, right?

If you read Kara’s Party Ideas regularly, you will have heard of Spaceships and Laser Beams before. I’ve followed Stephanie Keeping and the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams since 2010 when I featured their Monster Mash Bash Halloween party idea. That was the year that Stephanie started an Etsy Collective with a group of friends and designers after her son was born. She quickly realized what many moms of boys already knew — that the party world was a place that was heavy on pink and frilly and light on rugged style. It has been great to watch her site grow and offer even more ideas to celebrate every special birthday boy!

One of the things I love about Spaceships and Laser Beams parties is the creativity – they only use their own illustrations in all of their party supplies! I also love the variety of the party ideas! They are all beautiful and truly offer something for every little boy, no matter what his current interests are.

And TODAY ONLY (July 3, 2013) Spaceships and Laser Beams is offering readers of Kara’s Party Ideas 30% off EVERYTHING in their  Etsy shop!! Keep reading to find out more!

Here are some of their most popular boy party themes…

You’ll fly high with this gorgeous  vintage plane birthday party! The colors are gorgeous.

I love this mad science birthday party dessert table. The chocolate brains are a fantastic touch!

This vintage fishing party idea is perfect if your son loves the outdoors!

Little guys love to build! This  construction birthday party will be a big hit with your son!

If your son loves fire trucks, he will go crazy for this great fireman birthday party idea!

This vintage race car party combines your son’s love of cars with a great vintage touch!

Every little boy goes through a phase where they love bugs! This bug themed birthday party could be perfect!

This jungle party dessert table would be cute as a first birthday party!

Stephanie has even done a “big boy” birthday party! She threw a 40th birthday bash for her husband Mike when he turned 40. She used a Scotch & Chocolate themed party to celebrate!

Spaceships and Laser Beams has become an excellent resource for moms who need birthday party ideas for boys (and non-filly girls too). Take a moment to visit their website and start planning your next celebration!

TODAY ONLY (July 3, 2013) Spaceships and Laser Beams is offering 30% off EVERYTHING in their  Etsy shop exclusively to Kara’s Party Ideas readers!!!

  • STEP 1: Go to Spaceships and Laser Beams Etsy Shop and add your favorite items to your cart.
  • STEP 2: Enter coupon code KPI30 at checkout to get 30% off your order!
  • STEP 3: Get ready to have an amazing, princess-free party!

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$300 Party SHOP Giveaway- Kara’s Party Ideas! - May 3, 2013 by Admin

Kara's Party Ideas Shop #party #supplies #online #party #shop #sale #cheapWho’s ready to win some PARTY PRODUCTS!! How about 0 worth?! Woot, woot!

Today I am giving away a 0 GIFT CERTIFICATE to my SHOP! Think of all that you could buy for 0! (Giveaway open WORLDWIDE!)

So, here’s the scoop…

One of my employees is an avid cylcist and my shop helps sponsor his riding.  He is trying to win a k sponsorship from First Endurance.  I wanted to support him and see him win this thing… so let’s help him out!!! I’m going to give a 0 gift card to one of my lucky followers that takes the time to vote for my employee in the contest he’s in!

Please note: Entries will not work on mobile devices.

Mandatory- You MUST do first step on form below (like First Endurance on Facebook AND vote for ‘Team Party’) to have a qualified entry in the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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“Easter Chick” Party Ideas - March 27, 2013 by Admin


"Chick"  this out…it's pretty great!


This change of seasons puts a spring in my step,
Making me feel full of vigor and pep.
And what's better than that, Easter's on it's way!
And you can't just pretend that that's any old day.
At least don't let the kids hear you say such a thing,
As they dream about everything Easter will bring.
Colored eggs, candy and that adorable bunny,
This is serious stuff though you may think it funny.
But let's switch it up, give the bunny a break,
And throw a party featuring this chick for a change.
What a good idea? I know, we thought of it.
And just think of all these free files you'll get.
So there you have it, we've made your day.
And Easter will be a little bit better this way. 


We know that you're looking for ways to make this Easter extra special, and we're here to help you out!  This year we wanted to try something differenent than the traditional "Easter Bunny" theme, so we decided to come up with this adorable "Easter Chick" Theme!  This "Easter Chick" Party Ideas theme is full of ways to decorate your Easter party to perfection! By clicking on the links above you wil have instant access to: Easter party favors, Easter bottle labels, Easter candy bar pockets, Easter cookie pockets, Easter cupcake liners–you name, we've got it! Not only that, but because we want to spark your Easter holiday party for the right price, you can download them all for FREE! You can't get any better than that :-) Just by clicking on the links above you can download all of these files, and much, MUCH, more.  Don't throw just another run-of-the-mill Easter egg hunt, make this year something to remember! We hope that you and your little chicks enjoy!!!

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$100 Kara’s Party Ideas SHOP Credit GIVEAWAY! - November 7, 2012 by Admin

I  have a surprise giveaway for you today! Enter to win a 0 GIFT CARD TO KARA’S PARTY IDEAS SHOP!

Do you have an upcoming party? Are you planning a special get together for the Holiday’s or Thanksgiving?

We have worked hard to make Kara’s Party Ideas THE shop for all things party! You can literally purchase everything you need IN ONE PLACE!

Keep scrolling to the bottom of the post to see how to enter the giveaway!


Each person can leave up to 5 comments, increasing chances of winning! Entries will be verified.

1. MANDATORY ENTRY- I’m so excited to announce that Kara’s Party Ideas is a finalist in the Most Awesome Big Birthday Ideas category in the Red Tricycle Awards! Voting runs this month! Click here to go to the voting page and vote for “Kara’s Party Ideas” then leave a comment below saying you did so.

2. BONUS ENTRY- Visit the Kara’s Party Ideas Shop & look around, then come back here and leave a comment saying what one of your favorite items was!

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Good luck! Giveaway ends Saturday November 10th at 11:59pm! Winner will be announced on Monday, November 12th.

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