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Party Theme Boards on Pinterest - June 10, 2014 by Admin
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Looking for polka dot party inspiration?  Be sure to follow our boards on Pinterest!

Choose from parties by color, season, theme or crafts to get your DIY party ideas flowing on our Polka Dot Market Pinterest Boards.

I’ve been pinning a lot to our “Summer FUN!” board this week.  I’d love to know what you think!

I would love to follow you too – come join the Pinterest party and see how many “polka dot parties” we can find.  There’s a bunch!

Happy Pinning!  -Sally

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Snowman Soup Party Favors - December 17, 2013 by Admin
Throwing a winter or snowman-themed birthday party or need a fun Christmas gift for teachers and neighbors?  Give bags of Snowman Soup this year that the kids can make!
There are oodles of great Snowman Soup free printables on Pinterest, but this poem and free tag from Simply Kierste is my favorite.  Her kit includes a store-bought hot cocoa mix package, mini marshmallows, chocolate kisses and candy canes.  View the full post and print your Snowman Soup poem tags.
Another way to personalize this favor is to mix-your-own hot chocolate with an easy recipe from Christy Jordan at Southern Plate.  If you need to make a lot of Snowman Soup packets to give or deliver to friends, neighbors and teachers, this may be the best route for you!  Christy’s Snowman Soup recipe requires instant powdered milk, powdered coffee creamer, chocolate milk powder and powdered sugar.  Now that is a fun recipe for the kids to help with!
Other supplies you’ll need for your Snowman Soup gifts are:
  • Clear cello bags, Ziploc baggies, brown paper lunch sacks or mason jars,
  • Chocolate “kisses”, mini marshmallows and candy cane “stir sticks”,
  • Printable poem tag, ribbon, twist ties, hole punch or tape,
  • And your choice of homemade hot cocoa or packages from the store!
Enjoy and keep warm with a mug of delicious Snowman Soup!

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4 Cute Fall Themes for Kids - October 29, 2013 by Admin
Hosting a party this fall with your kids?  Here are four of my favorite FALL themes for birthday parties, neighborhood cookouts, school festivals and wedding or baby showers for you to enjoy!
#1 – Fall Apple Orchard Party Theme
Fall is definitely a time for apples, lots and lots of apples!  So this Apple Orchard Party with Printables by Lia Griffith is the perfect party theme for boys or girls.  It includes ideas and printables that would fit in with a farm-theme too.  What about bobbing for apples, caramel apples, painting with apple stamps and decorating with bushels of apples?  See more of this precious apple-inspired farm party on Lia’s blog (don’t miss the “YEE HAW!” burlap banner:
#2 – On the Farm Party Theme
“Welcome to the Farm” party by BabyBites with some of the cutest party food containers and signs I’ve seen!  Pair red gingham with white tables, straw, burlap, leather or wood for an “instant” farm party look.  Don’t miss the cow pinata:
Let’s continue the Farm Theme ideas with blue gingham, real tractors, BBQ, popcorn and lots of hay at this adorable Tractor and Barn Party by Blessings & Raindrops:
#3 – Pumpkin Harvest Party Theme
Visit 5M Creations for Carsyn’s  Fall Festival Pumpkin Birthday and a peek into her cute party details like this chalkboard entrance sign, haystack, painted pumpkins, corn maze and the hayride tractor:
Continuing the Pumpkins Theme, I couldn’t resist sharing these beautiful photos and tutorials for Mini Pumpkin Favors and Mini White Pumpkin Invitations from Dandee-Designs:

#4 – Sunflower Fields Party Theme
Renee’s Soirees threw a fantastic Sunflowers & Burlap birthday party for her friend’s daughter, with “fields” of ideas for us!  You’ll love the sunflower cake pops, vibrant party printables from her Etsy shop, sunflower lollipops and jars of yellow and brown M&M’s.  Her sunflower seed packet favors by Martha Stewart are available at the Home Depot too:
Fall is a great time to host an outdoor party for your kids.  I hope these four theme ideas will help you start your own “inspiration board” too.  Visit us at for the cutest polka dot party decorations on the web!

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5 Ways to Make Polka Dot Pumpkins - October 22, 2013 by Admin
I love fall.  It is my very favorite season!  As soon as my first neighbor puts a pumpkin on their porch, I am ready to decorate my home for fall too.  I’ve gathered five of my favorite DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin tutorials here for you.  They are all on the EASY scale, not to worry.  Grab the kids, spray paint, glue dots, glitter, tape and drills (for the power tool fans!) to make-your-own polka dot pumpkins this year.  P.S. – I keep my pumpkins around the house ’til Thanksgiving!
#1 – Make your own “Glitter Pumpkin” with Craftaholics Anonymous
  • Paint your pumpkin (or Fun-Kin) with two coats of white paint
  • Stick thin Glue-Dots stickers all-over your pumpkin
  • Sprinkle on glitter (any color) over a box or tray to catch excess glitter
  • See more of her Halloween Mantle tutorials (they are all fantastic!)

#2 - Momtastic’s Polka Dot Painted Pumpkin
Here’s a craft that the kids can help you make.  It would be great as an activity that doubles as their take-home favor too!
  • Wipe down your pumpkin (or Fun-Kin)
  • Find a small circle shape to use as a stencil (like a plastic Easter egg)
  • Trace circles all over your pumpkin with a pen or sharpie
  • Freehand paint inside your circles with any color paint
  • Click to see more Pumpkin Crafts from Momtastic that your kids will love!

#3 – Black Stripe “Trick or Treat” Pumpkins by Midwest Living:
  • Before using your black spray paint, place masking tape over the areas that you want to stay pumpkin-orange.
  • Spray paint your pumpkins black.
  • Remove the tape to reveal your design.
  • Now paint your favorite Halloween saying between the stripes.
  • Want dots?  With a large bit, drill holes in the black painted stripes.
  •  View all 40 Pumpkin Projects by Midwest Living.

#4 – Drill-Bit Polka Dot Pumpkins by Eddie Ross
  • For smaller pumpkins, cut a hole in the bottom to fit a small votive candle, then clean out the insides.
  • Use a 3/8″ drill bit to drill “polka dots” all over.
  • For larger pumpkins, cut off the top and clean out the insides.
  • Use a larger bit to drill larger “polka dots”.
  • Place a votive candle inside (or battery-operated LED candle) for that GLOW we all love!
#5 – Wood Block Painted Pumpkins by Simply Kierste
  • Start with a 4×4 wood post from your home improvement store, ask them to cut into 3 lengths for you:  10″, 7″ and 4″.
  • Paint each block with your base coat (white if you want orange stripes or orange dots).  Let dry.
  • Cover with circle stickers or tape off your stripes and then paint your top color (orange).  Let dry.
  • Remove the stickers or tape and drill a hole in the top to fit your stick “stem”.
  • Very lightly sand all over for her cute, distressed look.  Read her full tutorial.
I hope you make one of these adorable polka dot pumpkins to decorate your home for fall.  They are perfect for fall birthday parties too.  You can’t go wrong with polka dots and the color orange.  I love it!
Happy Fall!  -Sally

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Chevron Washi Tape Rainbow for DIY Party Invitations and Favors - May 31, 2013 by Admin
Just the coolest new product we’ve seen in a while!  Chevron zig-zag patterned washi-style adhesive tape has arrived at Polka Dot Market for all of your DIY party craft ideas.  We love all the colors, mix two or more to match your party theme.
Check out all of the Chevron Tape colors now in stock.
DIY Party Craft Ideas (things to make with washi tape):
  • Cupcake Topper ( Wooden Ball Sticks) Tape Flags
  • Paper Striped Straws with Folded Tape Flags
  • Plastic Cup Tape Stripes to mark each child’s cup (via Craft & Creativity)
  • Close your Party Favor Sacks with a strip of tape
  • Seal your invitation envelopes
  • Decorate thank you notes
  • Make party craft bookmarks covered in strips of tape
  • Make a mini cake bunting with adhesive tape “flags”
  • See MORE ideas on our Party Tape Idea Board on Pinterest!

(Plastic Party Cups wrapped with adhesive Party Tape via Craft & Creativity)
View the entire range of polka dot and chevron party tape at Polka Dot Market (plus a few gingham checks…and new styles coming).
Happy Taping!

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British bobsledder banned for two years - December 6, 2012 by Admin

British bobsledder Simon Kurti banned for two years for doping.

Analysis of a drug taken from the athlete in February of this year, tested positive for clenbuterol, reports BBC. Now, the athlete will not be able to perform at the Olympic Games in Sochi, as the period of disqualification expires in April 2014.

Kurti, 23, in 2010 he was included in the British-seeking sports talents and to bobsleigh active in rugby. Simon was one of the main contenders for the seat was broken up by two and four of the UK team at the Olympic Games in Sochi.


“He knows that not only allowed himself a misfire, but led the entire British bobsleigh. This is a huge disappointment that the athlete with the data, as Simon admits a mistake. I only wonder what reasons prompted Simon to take this step, because he was an outstanding athlete, “- said the executive director of the Federation of Bobsleigh UK Gary Anderson.

The recent discovery of clenbuterol led to a two-year suspension of Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador. He also lost the title of winner of the “Tour de France 2010″ – the third of his career.

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Sochi Olympics will open heroes of Russian fairy tales - December 3, 2012 by Admin

Open the Olympic Games in Sochi, the heroes of Russian fairy tales will be the first Russian emperor. The ceremony will be held February 7, 2014 at the Central Stadium in Sochi.

The details of the opening ceremony of the Sochi-2014 “News” said a source close to the Agency for the opening and closing ceremonies, which is responsible for the script of the holiday. The script has already been agreed with the International Olympic Committee. “But for the remaining time of opening the script may change. There are other scenarios, but this option – the main “- said the source.

The show will take place on three stages. The whole ceremony will consist of nine stages – each of them will talk about the different stages of Russian history.


In the first part with the working title “Russia: Welcome to Sochi” uses the image of three. Three crews will arrive on three sides and promchatsya the road, illuminated by the sun, in the second stage. Apparently, it is an original quote from Gogol’s “Dead Souls.” At the same time, in the third stage will be the five Olympic rings, and the first – Ice Arena. Then replace horses silk flag of Russia, which in the course of the episode “Heart of the Kremlin” take off.

Next on the ice arena will appear Kamchatka, the Ural Mountains, Chukotka, Elbrus, the lake, the White Sea, etc. All of these elements merge into a single entity, which is the sun will shine again. This performance Sochi organizing committee called “a lot of people – one nation.” Him to begin the protocol part – pass Olympians “Here heroes.”

When teams come out on stage all the countries participating in the Olympic Games, will begin the next part of the show – “Legends under ice”, dedicated to medieval Russia. Against the background of the nine church towers will be heroes of Russian fairy tales – the mermaid and 33 warrior.

The next part – “Imperial Russia.” At the first stage will be fleet of five ships under the command of Peter the Great, and the second – “imperial interior” 22 columns, chandeliers 5 different sizes and 10 fountains.

Of Imperial Russia will take viewers to the XX century. Organizers will create atmosphere of the time with architectural structures (on the stage will be 15 buildings) and geometric shapes (circle, cone, cube, sphere). All this will be filled with urban surroundings rain. On the next scene will show six locomotives, six bridges and sculptures.

Finished appearance of the Olympic Flame ceremony.

The organizing committee “Sochi-2014″ to comment on the script of the Olympic Games have refused.

Information on the cost of the Games is also not disclosed. At the opening of the Olympic Games this year, Britain has spent $ 42 million ceremony in Vancouver two years ago, was worth $ 40 million

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Sochi 2014 moved to the “Olympic stage combat mode” - December 2, 2012 by Admin

President of the Organizing Committee Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi Dmitry Chernyshenko said the city into a “stage combat Olympic regime” in the near future is preparing to take a large number of international competitions.

“We are moving into a stage of the Olympic combat mode, when all our united team must pass a major test 22 of the test events. Sochi entered the twenty cities along with London, Sydney and Beijing, which will be soon carried out the most number of international competitions. We still have a lot of tests. In addition to Russia, always a special interest, we must all work well, so as not to lose face, “- quotes RIA Novosti Chernyshenko.

According to the head of the organizing committee, the organizers plan to establish “a more than affordable” prices for tickets upcoming events, “especially for residents of Sochi will be introduced social tickets, students were able to partake in winter sports, which have still a wonder to the people of our country” . In turn, the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said that “test events in Sochi will be as open as possible, so as to test the audience and delivery system.”

From 9 to 11 October Sochi with another working visit Coordination Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which controls the level of preparedness of the organizers of the Olympic Games to be held from 7 to 23 February 2014.

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How to choose the perfect pot - December 2, 2012 by Admin

According to studies by NAFI, in the last three years, about 80% of Russians turned to the bank, and more than 90% of them evaluate the professionalism of bank employees not below average. portal, find out exactly what the criteria inherent in the ideal bank, in the opinion of our fellow citizens.

Conducted by the National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFI) polls, which is at the disposal, showed that only one in five Russians did not apply to the bank for the last three years. “The proportion of users of banking services in Russia over the past four years has increased significantly (77% – in 2012 against 52% in 2008), – pay attention to the NAFI. – However, there are still a significant number of Russians are not involved in the sphere of consumer financial services. Thus, 33% of Russians do not currently have a single bank account (so-called category of the population unbanked). To this group belong mostly young people aged 18 to 24 years, the elderly aged 60 and older, the Russians, with low-income, rural residents and those with the level of education is below average. ”

The agency noted that the figure involved – about 78% – is too low compared to the corresponding figures in other countries. In the U.S., for example, the proportion of unbanked-customers is not more than 5% of the population. “It is important to understand on what question the Russians are turning to banks – says the Advisor to the Chairman of Master-Bank Olga Boycharova. – Talking about a serious public debt load is not worth it, and if we consider the issue of placement of equity, we can say that the population has had such a “culture.”

NAFI also surveys revealed that Russians consider representatives of the banks with which they happen to communicate, first-rate. Thus, 41% of respondents said that professional service their bank staff is average, 32% – above the average, while 21% indicated that they were dealing with a high level of professionalism of the workers.

“These results suggest several trends – according to NAFI. – Russians for the most part so far only acquire financial services and have extensive experience of using them. Therefore, communication with the employees of the bank as part of the service process retain their importance and relevance to the domestic consumer. However, with the acquisition of such experience and range of banking services and consumption requirements for the level of competence of employees of banks increases. That is why the inexperienced consumers tend to more positively evaluate the level of professionalism of bank representatives, and more experienced often criticized. ”

Criteria for the best

It should be noted that the requirement for the presence of high-level professionals in the top-5 (according to a study by NAFI) of the main characteristics that define ideal bank for consumers. He spoke for 32% of the respondents. In fourth place for the customers of credit institutions should support its government (38%). In the three-criteria “winners” include attractive product of the bank (50%), fast, efficient service without queues (45%) and reputation of the bank (39%).

However, for customers of credit institutions are essential, and other characteristics. Nearly one in four respondents indicated that the ideal bank should be modern and technological, as well as conveniently located offices and ATMs and a convenient schedule, better if the bank will recommend friends or relatives. According to 22% of Russians have a perfect credit institution must be large network, and 19% mentioned that they value and place an online service with the bank. It is curious that among these indicators there was no place the criterion of being reliable. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the deposit insurance system works flawlessly, allowing people less afraid for the safety of their savings.

Other popular answers about the ideal bank, “His staff should be friendly and always willing to help” (so to say 16% of respondents), “He has to implement social projects, including charity” (15%), “About him to respond well in the media “(14%). But intelligibility campaign credit organization and design of its offices is important only for 4% of respondents.

“The image of the ideal of the bank in the understanding of our population and has a quite specific national characteristics – according to the NAFI. – Price criteria, the service with no queues and the availability of state of the bank – the factors that are sverhaktualnost and significance is for Russians. This situation is explained by objective factors – the “Soviet” the past, the young Russian banking market and low enough loyalty of our population to the banking brand. ”

It is a pity that the study did not ask NAFI respondents called the names of the ideal of banks that have all these qualities.

It is noteworthy that the view of the ideal relationship between customers and credit institutions in several different banks themselves. For example, the deputy head of the organization of retail bank “Revival” Eugene Gavrin noted that the ideal bank employee should be, first, competent in matters of all retail products and
do not specialize in any one thing. Second, it should always offer the client options products and services. Also, employees will need to be careful and customer-and, in some cases – prepared as a financial analyst for a consulting client. In this case, according to Gavrin, client includes understanding the client additional steps not included in the employee’s official duties, his willingness to meet with the client after hours for the transfer of the necessary documents, etc.

But Olga Boycharova of the Master of the opinion that the choice of an ideal bank customers should pay attention to its reliability, a wide range of its services, high-tech security system, friendly and fast service and professionalism of the credit institution.

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The expansion of public procurement - November 28, 2012 by Admin

The U.S. economy may expand areas of the state order

No one has to be convinced that the U.S. presidential election – an event not just American. It is possible, as our State Duma and ordenonosnogo Vladimir Churov, to surprise the world by revealing ulcers American electoral system, but it is undeniable that the U.S. economy – the most powerful in the world, which means that the world depends on the fact that it will happen.

From this we can do different conclusions. You can blame the United States is that they have become a hotbed of the last global crisis, is that the U.S. economy – a vampire, because the whole world is working on it, putting their money into U.S. securities. In these arguments, there is a reason, but it is precisely due to the scale of the U.S. economy.

Therefore I propose to think about other things – about how Barack Obama’s victory will affect economic fashion, and above all the fashion of economic regulation. Remember: in crisis-free (or malokrizisnye) for developed countries in 1980-1990′s winning “Reaganomics” became a universal password neoliberal approach to economics. Without the “Reaganomics” and Russia would not have been Gaidar’s team, that is, most likely, it would still appear, but not necessarily exactly the same set-up, and first of all the “shock therapy” (definitely not Gaidar, and Jeffrey Sachs), with whom she made history. Alexander Livshits said courses of the first government of Boris Yeltsin “gaydaronomikoy”, and it was not only “the tag.”

Since then, in the minds of economists and political unrest is growing minds, it warms the crisis has not yet received an adequate response. Therefore, the results of the American elections will necessarily translated to the global economy. So, the Russian ones.

What can change? The first answer is: not much. It is no accident the day the markets reacted moderately Obama victory, but not growth, and decline. Live market expectations, and Obama – not a joker, his “Suit” is already known.

After all, is not the president determines the policy of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) the USA. It can, of course, replace the head of the main regulator, but does not determine its specific policies. Is there any mystery in the policies pursued by Ben Bernanke? Through the efforts of the Fed and the U.S. economy, and the world is racked astronomical amounts of money. Fed audit results showed, in particular, that in the period from December of 2007 to June 2010, the U.S. and foreign banks were the main U.S. bank more than $ 16 trillion, and it is a modern annual U.S. GDP. Throwing new dollars continues growing rapidly, the Fed took the example of open European Central Bank. However, the calculation of the fact that the tide of dollars and euros will charge the economy afloat until it is justified.

This is the main stumbling block. Once the economy is not in a hurry to come to life, so to start the traditional market mechanisms need something else. What is it?

Constructive response is not heard. The more freedom in his prediction.

To begin recall that many politicians (including Dmitry Medvedev), as well as prominent economists (including Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF), compares the state, is today in the world economy, the Great Depression. Think about it, those who brought it or not, but a comparison of the alarmist – The Great Depression led to the Second World War, and there are political scientists, primarily domestic (including Mikhail Leontiev), which is adjusted to the end of this parallel. But for most (we live in the age of the show) The Great Depression – is not so much a specific historical phenomenon, how frightening image. Meanwhile, if we restrict economic regulation, the response to the Great Depression was the “New Deal” of Roosevelt, who we know has transformed from Soviet textbooks political economy of capitalism in industrial society. This is a regulatory response to the Great Depression.

What is the effect that the Fed first lowered its rate to a minimum, and then took up buying securities from the market to continue to throw him some money? The answer may not include your
in the American tradition, but it is: if the Fed’s efforts are not enough, the next move is possible to enhance the role of the state and the expansion of the U.S. economy, saying in Russian, area of public procurement. This turn in the history of the United States has been, and it just dictated the Great Depression. It is clear that the direct repeat will not, but do not exclude the threshold variations on this theme.

The main thing is to regulate the fashion may change. If the azimuth changes present on the map of economic theories, the vector is of neo-liberalism to neo-Keynesianism. If just on the map, it may look like this: from Washington to Beijing.

This is a new and wide enough for a trend, affecting not only the economy but also politics. How much it will be demanded and implemented in practice depends on the success or failure of the anti-crisis strategy already in place.

p.s. Anna Marushko.

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