My next winning party feature goes to this beautiful CAMPING THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by the wonderful Wendy Updegraff Photography. This party theme is getting more and more popular..I can see why. It’s just so fun! Wendy always does such a superb job. This party is adorable. The green chevron, pink, yellow and turquoise colors are my favorite. Take a look at the s’mores kits and leaf & tent cookies…so cute!
Here is what Wendy had to say about the party- “We came up with the theme of Camp Bella when we were looking at my Favorite Designer/Artist Lori Marie’s website. We have a few of her pieces and love her style and colors, she is uber talented!!! We saw her feather headpiece and decided to have the whole party center around it! It turned out perfect and Bella and her friends had a great time!
It was raining most of the night so I was really glad we decided to have it all inside this year, a lot less stressful!! We managed to sneak outside for a few minutes here and there, to blow bubbles and to make s’mores (you can see the rain drops in the s’mores pictures!).”

Feather Headpiece & flower pin on yarn B: Lori Marie
Cake: Love & Sugar Kisses
Straws, s’mores crates & Trail Mix bags: Shop Sweet Lulu
Custom Cookies: BeesKnees Creative
Frame: The Organic Bloom
Handmade Pillows: YelliKelli
Bubble Wands: Blooming Elephant
Matching PJ’s: made by my Wendy’s mom
everything else: made by Wendy

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